A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind by Chandre Dharma-wardana

By Chandre Dharma-wardana

This is a hugely interdisciplinary ebook straddling physics and intricate structures akin to residing organisms. The presentation is from the point of view of physics, in a fashion obtainable to these drawn to clinical wisdom built-in inside of its socio-cultural and philosophical backgrounds. key parts of human knowing, particularly physics and awake advanced platforms, are offered in basic language. An not obligatory technical presentation is additionally given in parallel the place it really is needed.


  • Part I. the character of actual Law:
    • A Bird's Eye View of Our Quest
    • An Epistemic Hunt for clinical Truth
    • The legislation of Nature and the Supremacy of Symmetry
    • Maxwell's Magical Trinity — electrical energy, Magnetism and Light
    • The thought of Relativity
    • The Quantum international and 'Reality'
    • Entanglement, size and Quantum Paradoxes
    • Many Particle platforms and the Classical Limit
    • Energy, Entropy and Emergent Properties
  • Part II. advanced platforms and Consiousness:
    • Bio-Molecules, the Sub-Slime of Astrochemistry
    • The mobilephone because the easy Unit of Life
    • Specialized Cells for Sight, perception, and Information
    • Exotic, Quantum reasons of Consciousness
    • Addressing the Enigmatic Questions

Readership: normal viewers with curiosity in physics and intricate structures biology in addition to technological know-how academics.

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